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  • Artist: Mico
  • Album: Our Living Language
  • Release Date: October 31st, 2006
  • Catalogue Number: g7051
  • Formats: Digital
  • Running Time: 34:30
  • Track Listing:
    1. To Prove Men Fools
    2. Non-existence
    3. Clock Radio
    4. Halfway State
    5. Grey-headed Evenings
    6. Motion Pictures
    7. Tears in the Lampshade
    8. Against the Empire
    9. Art, Death, Art
    10. The Syndicate


A lot has happened in the 3+ years since Mico's last album Outside the Unbearable Grows, including member changes, locale moves, and the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent civilians and marginalized peoples across the globe by shit-eating assholes who deserve to be buried neck-high in mud to allow tiny spiders to feast on their eyes. Nonetheless, MICO have managed to pull off another intricate, cinematic and tuneful (?) album. Fans of MICO take note!