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  • Artist: Malefaction
  • Album: Where There Is Power, There Is Always Resistance
  • Release Date: July 29th, 2003
  • Catalogue Number: g7032
  • Formats: CD
  • Running Time: 25:00
  • Track Listing:
    1. Old Gods, New Blasphemies
    2. Corrected
    3. Fighting the National Security State
    4. Right Wing Obsolescence
    5. The New American Century
    6. Faceless Thousands
    7. Red Industry
    8. Ongoing Plague
    9. Self-Involved
    10. Another World Is Possible
    11. Dark Side of the Nation
    12. People = Hope
    13. A Cold War For A Cold War
    14. Closer to Grief


Brutal. Sick. Stench. Total sleaze. That, my friend, is but a sampling of the euphemisms conjured up and disgorged to describe this, Malefaction's most complete and utter sonic abomination to date. Where there is Power, There is Always Resistance is their second volley of grape-shot on G7 Welcoming Committee Records and is another over-the-top cyclone of grinding, blasting, politically-disobedient disgust that will have all you little pink-bellied bangers running for the nearest thing that even remotely resembles your mommy.

The time has come for this abomination to spill forth its utter filth unto this shit-breathed world, so grab the polysporin and apply generously to the affected area because you are about to be subjected to what may well prove to be a wide variety of minor abrasions. Incidentally, you should really have that rash looked at. But that's really none of my business. Or is it?

Regardless, with these 14 recordings (Is there a hidden 15th? I hope not or else someone might call the RCMP ... hint, hint), Malefaction have successfully defended their title as Winnipeg's reigning super-heavyweight champions. I hope you have some Depends™ left over from their last record. You're going to need them, you stinking shit-panted jack-ass.

Just kidding, you don't stink.