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  • Artist: Malefaction
  • Album: Crush The Dream
  • Release Date: June 21st, 2001
  • Catalogue Number: g7019
  • Formats: CD
  • Running Time: 27:00
  • Track Listing:
    1. No Positive Impact
    2. Beothuck
    3. Dead World Harvest
    4. Life Within the Hiv
    5. Abused and Unloved
    6. A Defining Moment
    7. Hunger/Exhaustion
    8. Keeping Out of Harm's Way
    9. Wills Less Resolute
    10. Fuck the League for Life
    11. No Sympathy
    12. Ensure Bloodlust Prospers
    13. Drowning in Public Approval
    14. I Will Not Serve
    15. A Victim of Free Living
    16. Forever
    17. Dance Floor Politic
    18. The Great Annihilator
    19. Bled
    20. Something Less Destructive
    21. People Before Profit
    22. Kill Over Faith
    23. Topic of the Day


What has 23 tracks and will drag your naked sunburned bottom through a kiddie pool full of bees?

I have no idea.

But speaking of 23 tracks, here is a record with 23 tracks that now completed, is officially vieing for the super heavy-weight title-belt here amongst the thrashers in the G7 roster.

These fuckers have melded the extreme fringes of metal and hardcore with a furious social conscience, leaving the listener trembling in their Depends™ and wondering how a record can be so unapologetic in both sentiment and aesthetic that they would actually have to buy and wear adult diapers to listen to it.

This truly pummels.