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  • Artist: Propagandhi
  • Album: Where Quantity Is Job #1
  • Release Date: November 15th, 1998
  • Catalogue Number: g7007
  • Formats: CD
  • Running Time: 01:12:00
  • Track Listing:
    1. Mutual Friends
    2. And We Thought Nation-States Were A Bad Idea
    3. Utter Crap Song
    4. Oka Everywhere
    5. Hallie Does Hebron
    6. Homophobes Are Just Mad Cuz They Can't Get Laid
    7. True (Concrete Blonde)
    8. Todd's Incredibly Professional Station ID For 4ZZZ Brisbain
    9. Contest Song
    10. Firestorm, My Ass
    11. Refusing To Be A Man (Different Studio Version)
    12. Resisting Tyrannical Government (Different Studio Version)
    13. Laplante Song (live)
    14. Leg-Hold Trap (live)
    15. Laplante/Smith Song (Live)
    16. White Proud And Stupid
    17. Fine Day
    18. Stand Up And Be Counted (Venom)
    19. Pigs Will Pay (Live)
    20. Government Cartoons (Live)
    21. Anti-Manifesto (Live)
    22. Less Talk, More Rock (Live)
    23. Gamble (Live - Lowest of the Low)
    24. Ska Sucks (Live)
    25. Bent (Sudden Impact)
    26. Degrassi Junior High Drop-Outs
    27. Hidden Curriculum
    28. The Van Lament


Due to an absolutely bewildering and thoroughly irrational popular demand -- it's the CD release of Propagandhi's rarest, most-out-print, livest, most demo-est stuff plus the re-release of Propagandhi's half of the now infamous and deleted Propagandhi/ I Spy split 10 inch. 28 tracks and 72 minutes of history ranging from the sacred to the profane. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll wonder "why?"!

Now, I know what you're thinking: "How do they get away with trying to pass this piece of turd off as anything but a piece of turd?" Ah, an excellent question. The answer? We don't! It's a piece of turd. It's a piece of turd and we don't care if the whole world knows it! So make those cheques out to "G7 Welc ... "