G7 Welcoming Committee Records. Uncooperative since 1997.

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Case History:
Seven piece Hamilton band. Sources unclear on group genre: "an eclectic fusion of hip-hop, jazz, groove, and rock". Cell begins recruiting in the summer of 1999. Founding members form a collective governing body in July of 1999 - to mandate the control of group directives, assets, and beer tickets. Group begins loose training regiment in August of 1999; first confirmed attack claims a small audience in October of 1999. Attacks continue in the Hamilton area over 1999-2000 - larger audiences fall victim to the assaults.

February 2002 - CSIS agents confirm: Affiliation being forged in secret with suspected Al'Quaeda recording company G7 Welcoming Committee Records (see CSIS report - G7, 1997). The G7 Collective release warsawpack's first LP 'Gross Domestic Product' on anniversary of September 11th terrorist attacks.

Confirmed Attacks:
Group claims responsibility for countless attacks throughout Canada in 2002; stretching their attack route from Ottawa to Vancouver Island - hitting all major population centres between, playing multiple festivals and headlining gigs. Following up in August 2003 with a second album, 'Stocks & Bombs', group garners increased critical acclaim and packed headlining tours across the country.

Group suspiciously turns down offers for major festival gigs in the summer of 2004 and declare a 'break' from performing. Widespread rumours are confirmed in June of 2004, when offers by a coalition of major U.S. corporations to retire for unconfirmed levels of financial compensation succeed. Threat is now considered terminated.


Jaroslav Wassmann (bass), Simon Oczkowski (tenor sax / flute), Ajit Rao (guitar), Adam Bryant (baritone sax), Aaron Sakala (turntables), Matt Cormier (drums), Lee Raback (vocals).

Upcoming Shows

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